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Get prepared for our new Natural Sunlight Series for 2019! Be prepared to be amazed. Our widest coverage and best producing LED grow lights. Superior Sunlight Full Spectrum SPEC3-1200 is our first release in our new lineup. Intenze Grow Series goes beyond traditional RED and BLUE spectrums and focuses more on led spectrums that plants utilize more efficiently - this natural sunlight full spectrum is not in the viewable scope with our naked eyes, which include the led spectrums in the ultraviolet and infrared spectrums. Meet our first release in the Natural Sunlight Series that mimics our sun better than any traditional led grow light. What does this mean for your Garden? You plants will get a more even, broader, full par spectrum natural sunlight plus the ultraviolet and infrared spectrums all as if absorbed like the sunshine your plant receives in its natural environment.

SPEC3-1200 produces extremely even, wide, bright and intense full spectrum, with the broadest spectrum available in led garden lights.  This custom led configuration mimics the sun more naturally than older traditional led grow lights you may be used to.  If you are looking for a modern professional LED Grow light that produces ultimate photosynthesis far beyond traditional LED grow lights, then look deeper into our SPEC3 lineup!  The SPEC3-1200 highlights super large aluminum heatsinks eliminating the need of internal moving parts such as fans etc that can fail and create unwanted noise, along with its unbelievable motion in the custom swivel mounting brackets allowing over 300 degrees motion on the side heads and 60 degrees on the center, as well as 180 degree forward and backward of all 3 heads and 60 degreee of all 3 side to side - there is NO grow light in the industry that has this convenient adjustability to allow the grower to extend the canopy coverage to reach those hard to get spots, and to allow for unlimited mounting capabilities gardeners only dreamed of before.

Our SPEC3-1200 Natural Sunlight model is our best performing led light currently, with results that are absolutely stunning.

See more amazing details in product description below, including the extended canopy coverage using the rotating side heads!

Welcome to our Natural Sunlight Series lineup..


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